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Why measurement is vital for success

Remember, what gets measured gets done. Therefore, it is essential that you measure the things that lead to sustained organisational success and achievement of your vision, not just short term financial performance or other dimensions that are easy to measure.

So, if Communication is the final piece in the puzzle of organisational success - it should be obvious then that we spend time measuring its effectiveness, right?

Indeed, but the reality is that most companies and its communication team fly blind. 

Unfortunately this is the reason why so many communication efforts fail. Instead of spending funds on measuring the health of the communication environment, companies spend vast amounts of money to keep up with the latest technology. The result? 

The latest and greatest Intranets, apps and social networks, without once asking, "How effective are these tools or channels? Do our employees have access and is it the best fit for our communication mix?"

Clearly, organizations are very aware of just how critical effective communications is to the success of strategic projects and ultimately, organizational success. However, our communications research finds that only one in four organisations can be described as highly-effective communicators. 

This suggests that the majority of organizations have opportunities to identify problem areas and chart a course to improve the effectiveness of their communications.

Y-Comms Health Check© will tell you exactly where to improve and focus your efforts, resulting in successful communication.

The cost of poor communication

Why you should care!

  • A recent report revealed that US$135 million is at risk for every US$1 billion spent on a project. 

  • Further research on the importance of effective communications uncovers that a startling 56 percent (US$75 million of that US$135 million) is at risk due to ineffective communications. 

*Data from the PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the ProfessionTM

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